Innovation Lab

After a five years process and through the generosity of our parent community with their time and resources, we are thrilled to bring an INNOVATION LAB to Harbor View! We revamped and revitalize our existing computer lab and and make it into a place where students can explore, create, and discover.  It is be a place where hi-tech, lo-tech, and no-tech come together for students to develop the 21st century skills we need them to have to be productive and high-achieving citizens:  communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration!  We work with a staff and community that sees the value in bringing technology to our school whick allow students to discover and pursue their passions.  Project based learning is a vital component of our children’s education because it allows our students to hone their skills and be even more amazing!

Here are some of the programs we provide in the Innovation Lab (IL):

STEAM Initiatives

Lego robotics

3D printing programs

Coding and engineering concepts