4 Steps to HV Volunteer Clearance

At this time, volunteers will not be allowed on campus.  Please view the NMUSD 2020-2021 School Reopening Plan for further information.  Once volunteers are allowed back on campus, please follow the below steps to get clearance.

  1. Fill in NMUSD’s Volunteer Clearance Form online.  You may select all of the school sites within NMUSD at which you’ll be volunteering (going through this process once for the District).
  2. A tuberculosis screening test is required for any volunteer with regular student contact (i.e. in the classroom).  You may use this TB Test Form at NMUSD’s free clinic – or test and obtain a form from your own doctor or maybe an Urgent Care. Turn your TB test results into our School Office.  The Office will mark your test form as attached to your clearance form triggering Classified Personnel within the District to screen the application to determine whether or not any volunteer is a registered sex offender (per Megan’s Law).
  3. To volunteer on field trips you must also be fingerprinted and receive a criminal background/records clearance through the Department of Justice (DOJ).  To complete this part of the process, call NMUSD’s Administrative Assistant at 714.424.5047 and schedule an appointment.  At the appointment you will fill out and submit a Request for Live Scan Service Form (obtained there). Then you would go off site for the actual Live Scan and return your paperwork to NMUSD.

The Clearance Form gets filled out annually.  The District screens annually per Megan’s Law and TB tests remain valid for 4 years.  Our School Office maintains a list of volunteers who have been cleared.