HV Volunteers of The Month – We Thank You!


September 2016: Carissa Martin (for HV’s new BRAVE Store Mural)

October 2016: Lacy Alyn Brooke Stefano (for running the 2016-17 Jog-a-Thon)

November 2016: Anne Kittleson (for photography & the HV Yearbook)

December 2016: Tracy Allen, Meghan Boyle, Karla Kurtz, & Francisca Petek (for Gingerbread Night)

January 2017: Lynette Bennett, Karla Kurtz, Shelley Swanson, & Elizabeth Young (for the HV School Play)

February 2017: Liz Laubach & Anne Warmington (for your work in the BRAVE Store)

March 2017: Ryan Taylor & Steve Winners (for Team Kids)

April 2017: Rebecca & Shane Corbin (for the HV Track Team)

May 2017/Graduating Parent: Tracy Allen (for the 1st PFO Website, her work on the Jog-a-Thon, PIE, 6th Grade Committees, and everything over the years!!!)