Harbor View Moms

Liaison – Elizabeth Young, VP of Membership, Elizabeth.E.Young@gmail.com

The HVPFO is made up of parents and faculty. The dads created an off campus group called ‘Harbor View Dads’. They’re a separate organization from the PFO that builds camaraderie between dads with fun (mostly monthly evening) activities and some HV fundraising. Their website is here. All dads are welcome to join. Props to the HV Dads for buying HV’s first iPads and for holding a Barbecue for us each year before Open House. Thank you also for the fun September Back-to-School Event for dads and moms.

If there is a Harbor View Dads then there should be a Harbor View Moms, too! As a fledgling group, Harbor View Moms is a PFO Committee for now. We think it will fly off on its own soon. Meanwhile some moms have put together a second mixer for 3/1/17. All moms are welcome. RSVP as you please to the invitation below!