The HVPFO provides a dedicated technology teacher to instruct and integrate STEAM in the Innovation Lab as well as providing support for the teachers.. We push-in outside programs such as Build It Workspace’s STEAMulateFibo Kids Art Academy, and Class Act. We pay annual renewal license fees for computer programs, providing intense practice and review of skills including:

The HVPFO supplies devices and technology upgrades. These include iPads, iPad carts,  Chromebooks, and Chromebook Carts.  HVPFO also purchases materials needed for the Innovation Lab.  These materials support STEAM which allows for the teaching of robotics, coding, and engineering concepts.

3-D Printing:  Thanks to generous funding from the PFO and donations made by Airwolf 3-D, our 2nd-6th Grade students are getting the chance to develop STEAM skills with 3-D Printing!  In partnership with BuildIt Workspace, each class will get a chance to learn how to use programs like TinkerCAD and other design apps to create their own 3-D masterpieces!