HVPFO Room Parents 2022-2023

Thank you to our Room Parents for supporting our families and teachers, keeping us in the know, staffing class volunteer spots, and organizing us in general! 

If you have any questions about being a room parent, please contact Diane Maloney, dianehmaloney@gmail.com or Adelle Morse,  adellemarie@gmail.com

Lead Room Parents:


  • Mrs. Monroy’s Class: 
  • Ms. Limon’s Class: 


  • Mrs. Tinsley’s Class: 


  • Mrs. Alvarado’s Class: 
  • Mrs. Carpenter’s Class: 
  • Ms. Simco’s Class:

1st Grade:

  • Ms. Leech’s Class: 
  • Mrs. Smith’s Class: 

2nd Grade:

  • Ms. Ericastilla’s Class: 
  • Ms. Palmer’s Class: 

3rd Grade:

  • Mrs. Fisher’s Class: 
  • Mrs. Well’s Class: 

4th Grade:

  • Mrs. Green’s Class: 
  • Mrs. Edler’s Class:

5th Grade:

  • Botta’s Class: 
  • Mr. Pryde’s Class:

6th Grade:

  • Mr. Christman: 
  • Ms. Flamson’s Class: