History/Social Studies Interactives

This program is currently on hold until further notice. PLEASE VIEW THE NMUSD 2020-2021 SCHOOL REOPENING PLAN FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Below is a description of the program:

The HVPFO funds participation in California Weekly’s Walk Through interactive events to engage and immerse our 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade students in their social studies curriculum. Our students receive character cards about famous people in history and dress in character for these events.

4th Grade students actively participate in a lively retelling of California’s rich history. Walk Through California is California Weekly’s first Walk Through presentation and continues to be presented to thousands of classrooms each year. The program focuses on major events that shaped our great state of California. Drama, dance, games, and music support students’ listening skills, vocabulary development, history and geography standards. A large topographical map of California is built for students to experience California’s geography hands-on.

5th Grade students Walk Through the American Revolution™! History comes alive as students explore the famous events, historical figures, and relevant vocabulary of this pivotal point in America’s history. Through dramatic activities, students “become” famous men and women of the American Revolution. Flags, maps, re-enactments, music, and games help students explore and understand the importance of American liberty and patriotism.

6th Grade students Walk Through the Ancient World™ discovering Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome through an imaginary tour of the ancient civilizations. Students portray historical people of the past, such as Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, and Socrates as well as broaden their understanding of these ancient times through use of maps, timelines, and games. Creative expression, note taking, and vocabulary development are fostered and encouraged. This presentation provides an excellent overview that can be used as an essential point of reference throughout the school year.