Fibo Kids Art Academy

The HVPFO offers our students a year’s sequential study in visual arts. Through lectures, workshops, and optional after school classes, K-6th Grade students will learn of the biographies, important works, methods and materials used by three artists: Rosa Bonheur, Claude Monet, and Andy Warhol. Fibo Kids Art Academy complements their lessons in history, social studies, language arts, criticism, and aesthetics with exciting studio art projects during their workshops. The HVPFO’s contract with Fibo Kids Art Academy has been generously funded this year by Tobin Steel. Contact Tiffany Hoey, Committee Chair – at – to volunteer.

We’ve newly hired ‘Mrs. B’ (Brenda Beneviste) to provide additional comprehensive hands-on art lessons. Bringing all art materials and an assistant with her, Mrs. B is a gem. Mrs. B.’s own website resides at Check out past student work there!