At this time, all onsite school activities and events are cancelled until further notice. Please view the NMUSD 2020-2021 School Reopening Plan for more information.

Once in person learning resumes, some of these committees will be back in action!  Until students are back full time, volunteers will be allowed on campus, and other activities can take, these committees are on hold.

Book Fair:  Brooke Ledger,

Brad Evan Memorial Scholarship:  Shirin Footaran,

Field Day:  Angela Torres,

Gingerbread House and Box Tops (6th Grade):  TBD

School Play:  Becky Galipeau at & Shannon Patterson at

Jog-A-Thon:  Sharon McDougal,

Parent’s Night Out:  Ashley Carlton at

Pilot Cup:  Aaron Sobaski at

Team Kids:  TBD

Lost and Found:  Shauna Brewer at

Track Team:  TBD

Square One:  TBD

Staff Appreciation:  TBD

Veteran’s Day: TBD

Yearbook:  Anne Kittleson at & Stacey Walz at